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Our path

  • Has been accompanying Canadian wineries since 2007 and supporting them in their development by promoting the winemaker’s vision.
  • Has surrounded itself with internationally recognized suppliers :
      • Œnological products,
      • French oak barrels,
      • Concrete vats.
  • Offers a range of products adapted to the particularities of Canadian vineyards, in particular for ice wines, ice ciders and sparkling products,
  • Guarantees high quality products, GMO-free, allergen-free, tested and approved in Canada,
  • Provides œnological support thanks to its qualified œnologists and the ŒNOSCIENCE analysis laboratory,
  • Offers fast and efficient delivery.

Our approach


Our willingness to provide solid technical support is our priority. It is one of the keys to our success, since from Quebec it has also spread to all Canadian wine regions; from the vineyards of Niagara to those of the Okanagan to Nova Scotia.

RJ ŒNOLOGY graduate œnologists provide :

  • their in-depth knowledge of the range of products offered and experience in its use,
  • a global vision of the sector.

In addition, the close relationship with Sofralab œnologists makes it possible to adapt this range of products to certain peculiarities of Canadian vineyards, in particular for ice and sparkling products.


RJ ŒNOLOGY has always put forward an œnology that respects the raw material and the intrinsic quality of both wines and ciders, that is to say preventive œnology:

  • a quality product is produced above all in the field, with healthy and ripe raw materials,
  • a quality product is also developed with the help of perfect knowledge of winemaking and hygiene processes.


In its development, serious technical support always takes into account the history of the winemaking stages while respecting the vision of winemaker.
With this in mind, we always recommend carrying out tests prior to any use of œnological products, in order to optimize their effectiveness and thus improve the quality of the final product.


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Products & Logistic Manager


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Technical Sales

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