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With nearly a century of history, SOFRALAB is a pioneer and benchmark player in the market for œnological products and associated services. The development, design and marketing of œnological products constitute its core business, better known internationally under the brands OENOFRANCE, MARTIN VIALATTE and the STATION ŒNOTECHNIQUE DE CHAMPAGNE.
Adopting a comprehensive and sustainable œnological approach, SOFRALAB offers a complete range of products and services: œnological products, winemaking supplies, hygiene products, advice, analyzes, specific services (bottling, drawing, disgorging).
To be as close as possible to the market, in France and abroad, SOFRALAB has also developed a genuine local network made up of consultant œnologists, laboratories, distribution partners and subsidiaries.
“Evolving to offer answers in line with the œnological issues of tomorrow” is the leitmotif that drives a passionate and strongly involved team.


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